Nakaya Roller Pen

◆We have many opportunities to get informed that Nakaya Fountain Pen are recommended by our overseas friends and acquaintances to theirclosefriends and acquaintances.
We often get the thanful inquiries like "I use the fountain pen very rare. How glad I would be, If I could have Nakaya Roller Ballpen".

Internationally, "Roller ballpen" refers to the "Water-based ink roller ballpen".
Roller ballpen, however pioneered in Japan, Japanese customers prefer it less due to the higher production cost and the launching of gel ballpen.However, in foreign countries, due to the smooth writing characteristics of Roller Ballpen, it is regarded as the high status luxury pen.

In overseas countries, Gel ink and Water-based Roller Ball(Roller Ball) is used as a generic term.
However, in this website Gel Ink(gel is also the water-based ink) and Water-based Ink, will be represented separately.

By using the same barrel(use of different grip part), we could introduce same design in ballpen also.

◆Basic information

※Refill to use (refill of the ball pen) is Parker size, the so-called world standard size.

※Equilibrium Piccolo size, Celluloid and Briar models are not available.
"Equilibrium Long/Portable size model"s are available but we are not able to put weight rings in it.

Celluloid and Briar model is not available due that size is not compatible.  Besides, as seen in the below picture, long size will have long size grip, portable size will have potable size grip. Therefore, the parts of longsize and portable size is not compatible.


The total amount is calculated by deductiong 50USD from the price of the same pattern fountain pen and addition of Refill cost.   (Example) If the price of same pattern fountain pen is USD550, then the cost of Ballpen will be USD500+ Refill cost.


The weight of Ballpen is approx 12-14gms more than the weight of the same pattern Fountain Pen.

The length of the Fountain Pen nib and the dimension of Ball pen tip varies slightly.

◆The following pictures however are re-snapped as a ballpoint pen, the outer size is exactly the same as Fountain pen. Upper picture is Writer Long size model、Akatame(Gold platted clip). Lower picture is Cigar, Portable size model, Black Roiro color. Due to very light in weight and wideness of center gravity to avoid fatigue, Ebonite models are well favored by women

Cap off picture shows the tip of ball pen.
The tip (tapered part) is available in chrome plated and gold plated (bottom picture).

Normally, when barrel is unscrewed, immediately seen naked refill. But in our Nakaya Ballpen, there is special refill case inside.Refill is replaced by unscrewing this case. In below pictures, upper one is long size and lower one is portbale size. Gold plated and Chrome plated is available in both size.
(Refill case is available in chrome plated only).
Besides, starting with below barrel color, special order or desk pen etc applicable to the basic design, can also be done. Please feel free to contact us.

※Same as other products, special color products can be done. Such order will be original one.
※Zogan on the grip part can be done.

◆Refill of ball pen is as below.

  Ink color:Black Oil-based Point:0.8mm (Platinum BSP-400)

Important point:
Only refill can not be supplied

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