You can order to put your name on your fountain pen.
Please select "Naming by Maki-e" in the order process, "STEP 5. Options".
*Only the "name" can be drawn as "Naming".
If you want to put other words, sentences and so on than name, please contact us to quote for that.

1). Products which allow for maki-e name painting:
All barrels coated with Urushi lacquer, such as the Special model, Writer model, and Urushi model.

2). Location of maki-e name painting
The location for the maki-e name painting is on the pen barrel, near the end (opposite from the nib end).

3). Length of naming
We reccomend not more than 6 characters in one line

4). Size
A size of each character is about 3mm square-5mm square.

5). Characters
Japanese Kanji characters only.
Japanese Kanji characters means "Japanese letters commonly used for names".

If you can explain the original meaning of your family name, we will translate it to Japanese kanji name.
For example, Mr. Woodside. This was translated to "Moriwaki" (森脇). Wood means "Mori", and "side" means "waki" in Japanese.

6). Color
Maki-e name painting is available in four different colors:

Gold Silver Red("Shu") Black.
7). Sample
Silver, Black, Red, Gold
8). Price
$30 per each piece. (one name. not one character.)
In the case of using more than 1 color, the price will be different. Please ask for the details, if necessary.

A process of Maki-e naming.

A various kind of brushes for naming.

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