Updated information of Shiro-tamenuri and Shiro-urushi
Thank you for the many orders, most of the sizes are sold out now.
We only have [Shiro-tamenuri]:Writer Long and Writer Piccolo. (USD750.00)
Please check the [How to order] part before placing your order.

Shiro-urushi can keep its quality by producing to a certain amount.
Nakaya is considering to take your orders together in one time as possible, prepare urushi and produce the pens.
It depends on the climate but we are planning to take your orders of Shiro-urushi pens for 1 month or around, then start to produce them.
However, the Decapod, Neo-standard, and Desk pen are excluded.
It will be announced when it is ready to take order.

How to order
If you would like to place your order, please visit our web order page.

And choose "Completely original model" in the Selection criteria and write the model name in the blank field and proceed.
e.g. “Writer Long White (Shiro)"

After you choose the nib, your writing preferences, accessories and fill in the necessary information, please send it to us.

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