Briar Models are Discontinued.
Thank you for using Nakaya fountain pens.

It is decided that all the series of briers are discontinued as of today, April 25th, 2022.
Because it's getting difficult to procure materials for briers these days, our supplier cannot keep production any more.
Sorry for such a sudden announce and thank you for your kind understanding.                               

【Discontinued products】

  • Light (gloss type)(薄:光沢) [no.04001]
  • Deep (gloss type)(濃:光沢) [no.04002]
  • Deep(濃) [no.04003]
  • Light(薄) [no.04004]

  • Maki-e on Briar model "Glowfly" [no.11043]
  • Maki-e on Briar model "A Spider" [no.11044]
  • Karakusa (Platinum Lines 1) [no.19014]
  • Karakusa (Gold Lines 1) [no.19015]
  • Karakusa (Platinum Lines 2) [no.19016]
  • Karakusa (Gold Lines 2) [no.19017]
  • Karakusa (Colorful Lines) [no.19042]
  • Briar Marquetry wood patch (wooden inlaid craft) [no.22027]

However, repairing briers are available continuously. Please contact via email if it's necessary.
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