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Due to the Noto Peninsula earthquake occurred on January 1st, some of our production bases are affected severely and we stop accepting orders of lacquered products currently.

The products and services that we continue to sell are below.
  1. The adjusting pen nibs and the repairing without lacquer painting.
    *For repairing, please make sure to contact us before sending.
  2. Accessories
    *Pen pouch, Leather pen case, Clothes for lacquer products, and etc.
  3. Goat shrink leather wrapped pen
    See the product page
  4. Titanium Piccolo model
    See the product page
If you have any questions or things unclear, please contact us via email.

How to Order
  1. Click the "Order Fountain Pen" or "Order only Accessories" button below and fill in the order form.
    *Please select items from listed above, although the order form allow you to select items unable to order now.
  2. After that, we will send you an e-mail with the specifications of the order such as customization details, price, shipping fee and delivery time.
    * Basically, your goods will be shipped via international speed mail (EMS).
  3. Please confirm the order by making payment by bank remitttance, Credit card, or Paypal.
    In the case of bank remittances, please be sure to burden bank transfer fee at your expense.
    Upon receipt of your payment, we will start manufacturing your pen.
    The guide of EMS fee
    -Asia (inc. Guam, Saipan): 30.00US$
    -Oceania, the Middle and Near East, North, South, and Central America, Europe, Africa: 50.00US$
     And the tariff may be charged in case of some countries.
    -When your purchase price is over 1,500.00US$, extra 20.00US$ is necessary as a handling charge at exporting.
*It is currently unable to accept order from contries below. Because it is impossible to deliver items for those area.
Thank you for your understanding.
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  • Russia
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