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Product name: Kiba Musha - War-horse knight [no.11094] (Makie)
Price: US$6,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: In the China region, the horse is a good luck charm meaning success and advancement, and this pen was made as a gift to give from wife to husband.The basic methods used are a combination of iro-togidashi (gold powder base) and kakiwari (design is left in reverse in order to reveal the underlying layer of lacquer).[Comment on technique]Horse on cap: The black is ground back to a gold background (iro-togidasi). Samurai kariginu (garment worn in religious ceremonies):The tea color is ground back to a gold background (iro-togidashi). Horse on body: The white is ground back to a gold background (iro-togidasshi). Samurai kariginu: The blue is ground back to a gold background (iro-togidashi). The red for the harness is the same, with the details of the tassel being added with fine lines. The lines for the horse itself are produced using the kakiwari technique. A base model : Cigar model / portable size.(thick body)
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