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Product name: Byakudan-Nuri with Yakou Maki-e "Akitsu-shima" [no.17003] (Yakomakie)
Price: US$1,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Byakudan-Nuri (painting technique) is after painting by black urushi lacquer ware, craftsmen paint shu-ai urushi thinly over it. Then a craftsman sprinkles silver Keshi-fun (smallest size powder made from gold or silver foil) and paint shu-ai urushi once more. Then we polish in detail to make a smooth surface to do Maki-e. On this surface, a craftsmen describe many dragonflies and polished up as final process. Because we drew dragonflies by black urushi, we introduced this work as Yakou-Maki-e corner. When we watch this work in the vicinity, we image innumerably flying dragonflies are shined by twilight. Although many dragonfliies dance as one pattern, we can feel each one flies in different blightness."Akitsu" is old name of dragonflies, "Akitsu-shima (shima means island) " means Yamato-no-kuni (Japan). (Quite few people knows this things.) As we explain above. Yakou Maki-e based on Byakudan-nuri this time is brighter than tame-nuri base so far, also the reflected light that swings slightly by the hit condition of light is beautiful , these factors are good conbination of Byakudan and Yakou Maki-e.
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