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Product name: Phoenix [no.11064] (Makie)
Price: US$7,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Background of "Phoenix"In the legend of ancient China, the Phoenix lived in the paulownia woods and eat nuts of bamboo ,so that the Phoenix was called Kissyo (fortune). In Japanese ,they call "Hou-oh" . "Hou" is male and "Oh" is female and people treat "Hou-oh" as symbol of good couple and also the leader of the creatures with feather. In Japan, the Phoenix was used the trade mark only for the emperor. And historically in China, the dragon is a symbol of the Emperor, the phoenix is a symbol of the Queen. Technique The background is described by Togi-dashi(polish up ) method in gold and Nashiji, the Phoenix and paulownia woods are described by Taka-maki-e method. Raden (mother of pearl) is used for a part of paulownia flowers and it makes the Phoenix elegant. A black ivy which you can see at the center of pen barrel is the tail of the Phoenix drawn in Arabesque style. This tail is "Togi-dashi" (polishing up) process by silver. Since a craftsman sprinkles (Maki-e) a little bigger sized silver powder on black urushi surface, you may see it as black color at first glance , but in actual the color is dark silver.
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