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Product name: Kiku zukushi [no.11058] (Makie)
Price: US$4,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Background of "Kiku zukushi"We were always thinking the first motif NAKAYA would use was "Kiku" (chrysanthemum). Kiku is well known as one of the most familiar flowers for Japanese. From the shape of Kiku whose flower leaves are spread like ray, it is used as metaphor of the sun. It is the symbol flower of the emperor family and also it is the top flower of the 100 flowers of Japan. It is said that Kiku has the meaning of "never get old, never die", "long life", "no sickness", "remove the negative vibes from home". Kiku is said to come from China and it was the most popular flower in Kan era already. People also drunk Kiku as natural medicine for long life. This belief is still alive in Japan to have the habit of watching Kiku while drinking Kiku sake at the time of Double Ninth Festival. Techniques Base coating is done with blue powder and five types of Kiku flowers are painted with different sizes of gold powder. The techniques used here are "Kaki-wari", "Tsuke-gaki", "Taka Makie" which made this painting elegant and magnificent. Kiku is painted with the technique "Togi-dashi" (polished out). To implement various size of gold powder realizes the three dimensional looking.
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