What is Kintsugi

Kintsugi is a method of restoring cracks of pottery such as bowls using urushi since ancient times in Japan. Pottery was expensive at that time. So, people reused them pasting the cracks or broken parts with urushi. This tea ceremony sprit, which accepts “as it is”, and a tendency to enjoy it as art are together become sustainable in this unique culture of Japan. Coupled with the trends in the world of lacquer, it is gaining attention.

At Nakaya, we receive requests for repairs and readjustment of the pen nib due to various accidents that occur because the fountain pen is always close to the customer. With the joy of meeting the customer again and checking the condition of the fountain pen, we sometimes find a damage to a small part of it.
At that time, Nakaya proposes Kintsugi as one of a repairing method based on the story and condition of damage, other than simply painting the damaged part. Now, we have set up a new Kintsugi corner and also introduce you our past Kintsugi cases.
We can also draw Kintsugi motif when you place a new order. Also, we will accept the order to apply Kintsugi for your Nakaya fountain pens previously purchased.

Example of Kintsugi works

Case1: Cigar model / Piccolo

*All the prices presented below are reference prices.
Cutting a copper plate with a small tool like a fret saw and making a latch as a clamp like form. Then embedding it to the damaged part and fixing it with Urushi.
1 Latch : 80.00USD
Connecting part of the crack. Keshifun (deforming powder) is used for it.
Gold powder : 40.00USD
Silver powder : 28.00USD
Black (Charcoal) powder : 16.00USD
Filling in the gap・Seams
③Filling in the gap
Filling in the gap. Marufun (round metal powder) is used for it.
Gold powder : 120.00USD
Silver powder : 80.00USD
Black (Charcoal) powder : 60.00USD
In the case of repairing multiple crack, Keshifun is used.
Gold powder : 280.00USD
Silver powder : 200.00USD
Black (Charcoal) powder : 140.00USD

How to order Kintsugi

To apply Kintsugi for your already possessing Nakaya fountain pen, order from here.

To order new Kintsugi look fountain pen, order from here.

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