Piccolo ・ Cigar Shu-nurihanashi(朱・塗り放し) [no.01012]

Product name: Cigar Shu-nurihanashi(朱・塗り放し) [no.01012]
Price: US$700
Total weight: 20.0g
Body weight: 15.0g
Total length: 130.0mm
Barrel length: 116.0mm
Max diameter: 15.0mm
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This is Regular shu-nurihanashi (un-polished vermillion) model. Wajima urushi nuri shines very beautifully. In addition to our already launched "Shu" items, we added un-polished new "Shu" in the range. Since the technique does not go through the polishing process after the paintwork is finished, it is called "self-indulgence paint". When selecting the materials, the craftsman needs to pay very attention. THe paint becomes defective if there is any failure in paint due to the fact that there is no post-processing of paint.
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