Long ・ Writer Midori(緑) [no.02013]

Product name: Writer Midori(緑) [no.02013]
Price: US$700
Total weight: 27.0g
Body weight: 17.0g
Total length: 166.0mm
Barrel length: 145.0mm
Max diameter: 15.0mm
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: A cap is screw-type. This model has no trim and no distinction between cap and barrel. This model is long and is supposed to be used without posting the cap when writing. As ebonite is a very light material it is possible to make the barrel thicker and longer. Therefore the balance point can be set easier to provide comfortable writing for everyone. Green Wajima urushi nuri shines very beautifully. Traditionally, Japanese people have admired pines or evergreens as the symbol of the vitality of plants as well as immortality. The color in this photograph is a little darker than the actual product. If you are familiar with the RGB color system, this pen's color is very close to R30, G92, B22.
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