Ishime ・ Izumi No Kami Kanesada [no.18018]

Product name: Izumi No Kami Kanesada [no.18018]
Price: US$2,250
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Toshizo Hijikata, the vice-commander of Shinsen-Gumi is widely loved not only by those who appreciate Japanese history but others who enjoy a bit of nostalgia. We made this fountain pen to resemble the sheath for Hijikata’s sword “Izumi No Kami Kanesada” upon customers’ request. Originally, we thought to create an image closer to that of a “Bat” of Yako-Makie, but after discussing it with makie-shi (a gold lacquer master) in Wajima, we chose to make a pen closer to a “genuine” finishing as much as possible. As a result, a very unique product has been created. Product specification: Undercoating: honsyu Kanshitsu, rubbed with black Urushi and polished (“togi-dashi”) Phoenix: Tukegaki Sumiko finishing Peony: black Tukegaki Cap end of the sheath: Gilt edges on Sumiko finishing Grip: Undercoating is Sumiko finishing Silver Hira-Makie is applied on a leaf of Kaji, and veins of a leaf are drawn by black, painting black Shuai-Urushi on the top. *Kaji: A species of deciduous tree in the family Moraceae, native to south- eastern Asia. Clip: Matt ruthenium plated Nib: Ruthenium plated Base model is a writer model long size.
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