Other products ・ "Jidai Nuri" (An Era Painting) [no.22012]

Product name: "Jidai Nuri" (An Era Painting) [no.22012]
Price: US$917
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Jidai means an era. We Nakaya are not sure where this name came from. This technique is a kind of N'Negoro Nuri ('Nuri' means painting). A craftsman paints the base in Shu (vermillion) color by a stapula. After that , he paints in black Urushi on the base and polishes (Togi process in Japanese.) black layer is showing the red color base. Contrary to the barrel, a black Urushi is for the base, layer above is Shu color for a grip section, A craftsman expose the base intentionally by this process.
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