Other products ・ Kago-amime(Basket mesh)・Indigo Blue [no.22026]

Product name: Kago-amime(Basket mesh)・Indigo Blue [no.22026]
Price: US$1,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: There is an old fountain pen called “Tou-amime” with rattan mesh. It was produced around 1924 by Nakaya’s parent company Platinum Pen Co.Ltd. It is designed by weaving the rattan tubes in a basket pattern and laid it over the cap and body. We have always hoped to reproduce such an intricate piece of work. We have built a specific theme and made numbers of test production to make the pattern in triaxial weaving using shaved bamboo instead of rattan. As a result, we could make a fountain pen with a similar image to the original one. The bamboo weave at both ends are black, and under the weave is painted with the color urushi. Color:①Arai-shu ②Bright green ③Indigo Blue * Triaxial weave It is also called as hexagonal weave from the pattern of the hexagonal mesh, and also known as basket weaving, the most popular method of a bamboo weaving. It is a method of weaving in hexagonal shape by crossing six bamboo strips in vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions. It has been used as a method to make a bamboo basket more resistant to the weight by adding the diagonal strips. Reference: “Types of bamboo weaving” (From Torafudake specialty store, 竹虎Taketora website) Attention : This store is not the factory of this products. The total length with a cap is approximately 130mm. Maximum diameter of the cap is approximately 16mm, almost the same size to piccolo size. *Only this model of “Kago-amime (Basket mesh)” is available. This item is manufactured 10-15 pens per order and color. The delivery time could delay depending on the stock.
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