Sumiko ・ Karasu Tengu [no.13020]

Product name: Karasu Tengu [no.13020]
Price: US$14,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Kakiwari Maki-e for a motif on Sumiko finished surface. This wonderful artwork is a corroboration by two authorities of each area. This time, we introduce seven pieces of high resolution close-up photographs, please check its details. A motif this time is called N''Karasu Tengu''. (In Japanese)If we dare to say in English,, N''a crow wings - long nosed genie''. In Japanese, Karasu means a crow, Tengu mens N''long nosed genie''.In my opinion, Tengu used to be a foreign person who came to Japan by some accident in old times.Karasu Tengu moves widely because it has a beak and also has wings like a bird,Karasu Tengu gets off even in the town, and it ruined.Karasu Tengu has supernatural power and good at sword (Katana) so that it taught Ushiwakamaru (A famous historical person.) about how to use Katana when Ushiwakamaru stayed in Kurama (Kyoto city) in his child food.
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