Raden ・ Rose of Sharon (Mukuge) [no.12002]

Product name: Rose of Sharon (Mukuge) [no.12002]
Price: US$1,417
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: The motif of this Raden fountain pen is Mukuge, "Rose of Sharon", which is the national flower of South Korea, and it means "respect" and "faith" in the language of flowers. Mukuge belongs to the same family as Hibiscus and looks like a cotton rose. With its great vitality, it can grow in the dry soil, on roadside, and can propagate from cutting.
The petals are formed on Heki-tamenuri base with the blue shells and shells which are cut in pieces and lightly lacquered with vermilion on the back side of them. The cinnabar red in the middle of the flower makes an elegant color contrast and expresses its sweetness.

Base model: Cigar, Long size with a thick body.
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