Raden ・ Aosuji Ageha (Common bluebottle) [no.12007]

Product name: Aosuji Ageha (Common bluebottle) [no.12007]
Price: US$8,333
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: A motif this time is a Common bluebottle (Graphium Sarpedon).
We Japanese can see it in many places except Hokkaido and familiar. A beautiful wings which are the feature of this butterfly was expressed by Raden in fantasy.

1. Several cut jewel beetle shells have been pasted to butterfly’s wing.
2. Sprinkled particles of Yakoh shells to the background.
3. Painted black Urushi to the whole body and polish after do the grinding finish (togidashi).
4. The butterfly on a cap is heaped up by Sumiko technique.
5. Added a detail line of the butterfly by Sumiko technique.
6. Drew a pair of tentacle by black Urushi lacquer as final process.

Base model: Cigar, Long size.
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