Yakomakie ・ "Hagi Ⅰ" (bush clover) [no.17001]

Product name: "Hagi Ⅰ" (bush clover) [no.17001]
Price: US$1,417
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: We described "Hagi (bush clover)" by the "Yako Maki-e" technique. This motif has many bowstrings so that the contrast of this motif's edge of the line has also so many. This picture is taken after 1 month from the production. You can see the color slightly changed to red from the edge. As same as "Tame-sukashi" technique, the background in "shu" (red) becomes brighter as time passes. In case of Yako nuri technique, the main motif (bush clover) is heaped up by black Urushi, so this motif shines clearly with bright Shu color as background.
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