Makie ・ Bamboo tate waku [no.11103]

Product name: Bamboo tate waku [no.11103]
Price: US$2,833
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Since ancient times in Japan, ceremonies and manners of the Imperial Court, court nobles, and samurai families have been called Yusoku.
Yusoku is mainly determined by the manners of cooking, the patterns and patterns of tableware and costumes.
This work "Take tate waku" is also a Yusoku pattern.

Tachiwaku was mainly used for the costumes of the aristocrats in the Heian period, and it has two vertical wavy lines
It looks like steam or a mirage rising up and down, It has been loved as a pattern that brings good luck.

The base model is the cigar model Decagon (TW).
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