Makie ・ "Nanten Karakusa" (Nandina arabesque design) [no.11060]

Product name: "Nanten Karakusa" (Nandina arabesque design) [no.11060]
Price: US$3,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Background of "Nanten Karakusa"Nanten(Sacred bamboo, Nandina) seed has purifying effect and said to be good for back pain. Its leaves has also bactericidal effect and is used to put under raw fish. The sound "Nanten" can be written in other Chinese characters which then means "to turn the bad luck", and therefore it is popular to be used as design of luck. Techniques On the undercoating of platinum, Nanten is painted in Karakusa design with platinum powder and colored urushi lacquer on the whole barrel. Platinum undercoating: A type of "Ji-maki" (undercoating) where platinum is sprinkled on the whole surface. There are also gold undercoating and silver undercoating. Tsuke-gaki: A type of Makie techniques. Paint with sticky urushi lacquer and sprinkle powder on it.
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