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Product name: The Fujin and the Raijin IV (A wind god and the thunder god IV) [no.11099] (Makie)
Price: US$13,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This is the forth version of “The Fujin and the Raijin” series. One of the primary colors is Sabi-Nando (type of blue-green), a well-known and traditional Japanese color. We also incorporated with it a Nashiji platinum powder to form a stunning base. The wind god’s futai (bag of wind) has been expressed using raden technique on the second series, but this time we have used an eggshell. A pure white color could not be expressed using Urushi, so in order to express the desired white color on Makie, it is common to use quail eggshell that has been tooled to a thin layer. Perhaps surprisingly, this is our first pen to use an eggshell. We have produced three types of Taka-Makie with the same design, and we think each of them has its own originality. In this series we aimed to achieve a modest beauty with an outstanding style. Base model is cigar model long (thick) size.
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