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Product name: Tennyo no Hagoromo [no.11049] (Makie)
Price: US$5,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: A "celestial maiden's robe of feathers" is one of the "Traditional entertainment series" of NAKAYA. This series have the scenes from Japanese traditional entertainments such as Kabuki, Nou and Youkyoku. A story of the "Celestial maiden's robe of feathers" is well-known to Japanese people: while a celestial maiden was bathing, leaving her robe on a tree branch, a fisherman took her robe and he was shown her dancing for return of the robe. The theme of this fountain pen is this legend of celestial maiden's robe of Miho no Matsubara (name of the beach where this story took place). About the technique "Gin-yuji" :The technique, which was invented by Nagata Yuji, a Makie technician of Kyoto in Edo era, and spread, is called "Yuji". And when silver is used with this technique it is called "Gin-yuji". ("Gin" is silver in Japanese.) TechniquesThe robe, the main point of this picture, is drawn with the technique called "Gin-yuji". The picture is drawn with urushi and polished out the picture after sprinkling silver. With this technique the robe looks voluminous and three-dimensional but sharp. The pine trees are drawn with the technique called "Tsuke-gaki". The picture is drawn with urushi thicker than usual and sprinkle the gold. In this way pine trees look moderate compared to the robe, as if pine trees are seen in some distance. Ground and clouds are finished smoothly with "Togi-dashi Makie" technique.
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