Piccolo ・ Cigar Heki-tamenuri(碧溜) [no.01028]

Product name: Cigar Heki-tamenuri(碧溜) [no.01028]
Price: US$650
Total weight: 20.0g
Body weight: 15.0g
Total length: 130.0mm
Barrel length: 116.0mm
Max diameter: 15.0mm
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: In order to create the smallest size of our fountain pens, take the roof like design that is slightly pointed tip, different from the portable size and long size design.
The compact fountain pen with excellent portability for memo pads, notebooks, and etc.

The base color is the "Heki-iro" which was made after many trials and errors. Heki-iro is a middle color between blue and green. And "Tamenuri" has the characteristics of translucent amber color like being sucked in, so you can clearly see how the lacquer has accumulated.
The combination of shuai urushi lacquer and heki-iro base color create mysterious and beautiful greenish amber finish.
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