Chinkin ・ Shinobu (Platinum Lines 2) [no.19024]

Product name: Shinobu (Platinum Lines 2) [no.19024]
Price: US$1,800
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: "*Shinobu" motif is curved on the body with platinum powder. The picture below is writer model / portable size with rhodium plated (extra charge) clip and nib.

* Many people are familiar with the Shinobu (Fern) foliage plant.The Shinobu maintains its beautiful green foliage all year round. Misted leaves in the summer give a relaxing cool feeling to any onlooker. The origin of the name “Shinobu” comes from its ability to endure arid climates. It is easy to imagine why elegant patterns of the Shinobu have been adored for many years.

Naming is possible for the grip section only. In that case, the grip section has no motif.
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