Makie ・ Scarlet rosemallow (Hibiscus coccineus) [no.11097]

Product name: Scarlet rosemallow (Hibiscus coccineus) [no.11097]
Price: US$2,500
Description: This is Makie pen based on our briar model.
The flower of the scarlet rosemallow has been expressed with shu (red) urushi on a gold background while the leaves and bud were personified with the use of green and greenish yellow urushi on a gold background. It also incorporates “Shuai-urushi” accenting shade and adding more depth to the overall design.
The detail of the bud uses “Kakiwari” technique.
From the cap of the pen to the pen body all is wrapped with “Raden”.
By using “Raden”, “Shuai-urushi” becomes thicker which gives a blackish finishing, however as time passes, the grain of the briar will gradually become more prominent.

The nib, clip and the ring are coated with pink gold.
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