Makie ・ Daimyo Procession [no.11107]

Product name: Daimyo Procession [no.11107]
Price: US$10,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This is a masterpiece of makie. It incorporates a highly detailed design.
The length of the traditional procession is at about 150mm in which 29 men, two horses and a kago (special palanquin used for carrying a daimyo) are drawn.
In about 2mm of space, a person’s face has been expressed in harigaki (engraving in lacquer with a needle), while in a millimeter space the string of straw sandals are drawn on their feet, bordering the outline in gold.
Each person’s face has different expressions, which makes the pen unique.

The base model is 17mm Cigar model long size.
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